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We serve the Houston community and beyond in spreading the Good News and love of Christ by serving others and examining and living by the Word with faith, hope, love and enthusiasm.




Pastor Kelly's Corner

For the Week of August 3-9, 2015
Dear Members and Friends of
Memorial Drive Lutheran,

Theresa and I want to thank you for your warm (no pun intended) welcome last Sunday as we begin our journey together.

We had a super time at the reception following worship and we want to thank all who put that together!

Each week I will give you a sneak preview of the Gospel lesson for the coming Sunday. Sermon notes will be in each Sunday’s worship folder (bulletin) so you can follow along with the central thought for the day.

This coming Sunday, August 9, the Gospel lesson is still from John chapter 6 (35, 41-51).   It is kind of weird how the world wide lectionary committee broke this chapter up for all of us mainline churches into five Sundays of preaching on Jesus as the bread of life. Yet, this concept is so important that it does merit 5 different messages in 5 weeks.

Last Sunday you heard me share that Jesus was hoping that the crowds would have expected more that physical bread from him. This translated into us expecting more from Jesus than just a superficial knowledge of him. The bread of life invites us all to a deeper relationship with God through him.

This Sunday, when Jesus teaches those around him that he is the bread of life “come down from heaven”, some Jews grumbled and complained that this was hard to believe. I would like to tee off of this thought and share why it is so hard for some folks to believe today. When I was growing up I didn’t know anyone who didn’t believe yet today I know many who don’t believe. The sad thing is that many of us know those in our own families who don’t believe. I hope to help some of you through that.


                       ADULT EDUCATION @ 9:15

Adult Education is super important to me and I seek to be a good teacher of the scriptures. This coming Sunday we will move the Adult Ed to the Luther Room in the Office building. First, it is cooler, and second it is a bigger setting for teaching more people.

I am going to start teaching just a couple of fundamental things about the Bible: This coming Sunday it will be “What the Bible Is and How It Came To Be.”

The following week I will be teaching “Myth, Mystery, and Mystics” essentially what you MUST know and understand to read your Bible intelligently.

Week three I will begin teaching Genesis 1-11 and show you some wonderful principles beyond the stories we all think we know so well!


Please, give all of this a try. I especially would like to see Jr. and Sr. High students in this class. I can guarantee it will not be boring!!!!


Pastor Kelly, interim
(most people call me PK)
You can catch Pastor Kelly's Bio HERE


Adult Bible Study at MDLC 

Every Sunday, the pastor's bible study will be in full session! Pastor Stephen Kelly, MDLC's interim pastor, begins a new class every Sunday at 9:15 am in the Luther Room in the Office Building.
It will be a great class as Pastor Kelly (PK) approaches bible studies as a teacher of scripture. See you on Sunday!



Sunday, August 9, 2015
Eleventh Sunday after Pentecost

Jesus says that the bread he gives for the life of the world is his flesh, and whoever eats this bread has eternal life now and will be raised on the last day. In Ephesians Paul tells us what this life Jesus gives us looks like, this life we live as those marked with the seal of the Holy Spirit in baptism. We live in love, as Christ loved us and gave himself up for us. The whole purpose of life is giving yourself for the other.

Prayer of the Day

Gracious God,
your blessed Son came down from heaven
to be the true bread that gives life to the world.
Give us this bread always,
that he may live in us and we in him,
and that, strengthened by this food,
we may live as his body in the world,
through Jesus Christ, our Savior and Lord.  Amen.


1 Kings 19:4–8
Psalm 34:1–8
Ephesians 4:25—5:2
John 6:35, 41–51


Remember and Rejoice

Hymn of the Day

O Living Bread from Heaven

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                         The Trumpets Sound, the Angels Sing
Eat this Bread
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                   Go, My Children, with My Blessing



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August 04, 2015

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