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We serve the Houston community and beyond in spreading the Good News and love of Christ by serving others and examining and living by the Word with faith, hope, love and enthusiasm.



Pastor Kelly's Corner


Dear Members and Friends of Memorial Drive Lutheran Church,

We had a wonderful worship service last Sunday with the bells ringing, children singing, children getting crowns and picking what they wanted to rule then honoring Christ the King.

After service some very dedicated people stayed to “hang the greens” and as always, did a marvelous job.  Advent is upon us as we begin a new Church year.  Last year we were primarily in the book of Mark while this year will find us in the book of Luke. 

This coming Sunday will sound like a lesson we had two weeks ago in Mark heralding the destruction of the temple.  Luke has a different emphasis which I am pleased to share with you this week.

Our Revelation class is coming along great with folks learning a lot they didn’t know and brilliant discussion.
  You may “join” at any time.  Be sure to bring your Bibles and some note paper:  expect to learn what you never knew!


Have a blessed Thanksgiving.  My sister, Dr. Janet Kelly, MD will be joining us for Thanksgiving as we have done for years.  I just ask her to bring all her tools and a prescription pad (just joking)! 

Come Ye Thankful People Come, Raise the song of harvest home
All is safely gathered in, Ere the winter storms begin
God our maker doth provide, All our wants to be supplied
Come to God’s own temple, come, raise the song of harvest home.

In Christ, Pastor Kelly, Interim


Adult Bible Study at MDLC 

Every Sunday, the pastor's bible study will be in full session! Pastor Stephen Kelly, MDLC's interim pastor, begins a new class every Sunday at 9:15 am in the Luther Room in the Office Building.

It will be a great class as Pastor Kelly (PK) approaches bible studies as a teacher of scripture. See you on Sunday!



Advent 1 C 2016 Slide 1 Presentation

Sunday, November 29, 2015

First Sunday of Advent


Advent is about the "coming days." God's people have always lived in great expectation, but that expectation finds specific, repeated enunciation in the texts appointed for these four weeks. The ancients anticipated a "righteous Branch to spring up for David." The Thessalonians awaited "the coming of our Lord Jesus with all the saints." Our Lord's contemporaries hoped for the time "to stand before the Son of Man." With them we eagerly await the coming days: another Christmas celebration, a second coming, and the advent of our Lord in word and supper.

Prayer of the Day

Stir up your power, Lord Christ, and come. By your merciful protection alert us to the threatening dangers of our sins, and redeem us for your life of justice, for you live and reign with the Father and the Holy Spirit, one God, now and forever. Amen.

Readings and Psalm

Jeremiah 33:14-16

A righteous branch springing up from David

Psalm 25:1-10

To you, O Lord, I lift up my soul. (Ps. 25:1)

1 Thessalonians 3:9-13

Strengthen hearts of holiness for the coming of the Lord

Luke 21:25-36

Be alert for the coming of the Son of Man



People, Look East

Hymn of the Day

Wake Awake, for Night is Flying


Come Now, O Prince of Peace


Wait for the Lord

Christ, Be Our Light


Rejoice, Rejoice, Believers


Christmas Boxes for Seafarers
The Service ministry reminds you to start collecting items for this ministry. Complete list of items needed in Contact.


Your opportunity to help decorate the church is by purchasing a poinsettia for Christmas
Signup in Narthex



Acolytes play an important role in worship. The word acolyte means "one who helps," and MDLC Acolytes do just that! These volunteers light and extinguish candles, collect the offering, and assist with communion and baptisms. Students in elementary school are encouraged to participate. Training is provided. To sign up for a specific worship service click HERE



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Memorial Drive Lutheran Church is a member of the Evangelical Lutheran Church of America and the
Texas-Louisiana Gulf Coast Synod.




E-mail admin@mdlc.org with any questions or comments.

November 28, 2015

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