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Pastor Steve Kelly, Interim Pastor


We serve the Houston community and beyond in spreading the Good News and love of Christ by serving others and examining and living by the Word with faith, hope, love and enthusiasm.



Pastor Kelly's Corner


This coming Sunday finds us in the m

iddle of Labor Day Weekend sort of marking the end of "summer!" Now, if someone would please let the

weatherman (person) know, I would be most grateful. Church wise, I will be preaching on the second of a Markean theme of "God Crosses Boundaries."


 Last Sunday Jesus crossed the boundaries established by the religious authorities, the Pharisees. This week he will be crossing gender, religious , and cultural boundaries up in Tyre where he engages in a brief but HUGE

conversation with a Greek woman from Syrian Phoenicia. This is dynamite.


The message for us is very clear: What do we do with people who are very

different from us? What in the world did Jesus do? And as always, I need to

answer the “so what?” question.


If you are in town, please be in church! If you are going to be away, please

enjoy yourself and start to get excited about Rally Day on Sunday, September 13.  


I recently became aware of a relative of one of our regular attenders who is

looking for work in the field of office manager/accounting. Please contact me if you know of anyone looking for such a person. Thanks!


In Christ,

Pastor Kelly, Interim

You can catch Pastor Kelly's Bio HERE


Adult Bible Study at MDLC 

Every Sunday, the pastor's bible study will be in full session! Pastor Stephen Kelly, MDLC's interim pastor, begins a new class every Sunday at 9:15 am in the Luther Room in the Office Building.
It will be a great class as Pastor Kelly (PK) approaches bible studies as a teacher of scripture. See you on Sunday!


Sunday, September 06, 2015

Fifteenth Sunday after Pentecost


James tells us to stop showing favoritism in the assembly, treating the rich visitor with more honor than the poor one. Jesus himself seems to show partiality in his first response to the Syrophoenician woman in today's gospel. Was he testing her faith in saying Gentiles don't deserve the goods meant for God's children? Or was he speaking out of his human worldview, but transcended those limits when she took him by surprise with her reply? Either way, the story tells us that God shows no partiality. Everyone who brings her or his need to Jesus is received with equal honor as a child and heir.

Prayer of the Day

Gracious God, throughout the ages you transform sickness into health and death into life.Open us to the power of your presence, and make us a people ready to proclaim your promises to the whole world,through Jesus Christ, our healer and Lord. Amen.

Readings and Psalm

Isaiah 35:4-7a

Like streams in the desert, God comes with healing

Psalm 146

I will praise the Lord as long as I live. (Ps. 146:2)

James 2:1-10 [11-13] 14-17

Faith without works is dead

Mark 7:24-37

Christ healing a little girl and a deaf man

Hymns for Worship

Gathering Earth and All Stars!

Hymn of the Day

Healer of Our Every Ill


We Give Thee But Our Own


We Come to You for Healing, Lord

Taste and See


Let Justice Flow like Streams


The adult musical ensembles are gearing up for the fall! Please consider being part of one of these groups!
  • MDLC Handbell Choir
  • MDLC Parish Choir

Both groups rehearse on Tuesday evenings (handbells at 6:15 Starting September 8th. and choir at 7:30 Starting August 25th.), which makes it easier to even be involved in both groups!

Call the church office for more information or contact MDLC’s Director of Church Music at aimpam@mdlc.org.




Asylum Backpacks

ELCA Immigration and Refugee and Memorial Drive Lutheran Church has partnered with Interfaith Welcome Coalition in San Antonio to support backpack for women and children released from detention to join their family in the US. Due to a court ruling on July 27 ordering 2000 detainees release in the next 90 days unless just cause the number of backpacks and supplies needed has increase from 200 a month to 400 a month. This is
great news but has place a strain on supply of backpacks. Supplies needed can be found HERE.

We are in need of monetary donations and items needed to pack the backpacks (link to PDF). Volunteers are needed to help shop for supplies and coordinate with other Churches that are interested in supporting the program. Message Outreach@MDLC.org

or find us at https://www.facebook.com/groups/632076220263155/

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Temple Talk from Ron

Memorial Drive Community Garden

Time to Enroll for the Fall Garden


New registration is open and we have plenty of plots available for free, you only provide the plants or seed, compost and fertilizer.

All organic produce that you grow belongs to you.
If you wish to learn about gardening we can arrange free sessions covering the basics principles so that you will have a successful gardening experience and a plentiful harvest to share with your friends and neighbors.

Information can be found at HERE

to enroll or contact the church at 713-409-6411

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Memorial Drive Lutheran Church is a member of the Evangelical Lutheran Church of America and the Texas-Louisiana Gulf Coast Synod.




E-mail admin@mdlc.org with any questions or comments.

September 02, 2015

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